Corporate Profile

Corporate Service and Human Resource Department

The Corporate Services and Human Resources Department is the department responsible for the company’s most valuable asset - its manpower.

The department’s main responsibility is establishing equitable policies in order to ensure effective Human Resources management. It also aims to support our mission and objectives through a set of key strategies namely:

-Working strategically with all divisions by identifying and responding to their changing needs.

-Providing leadership and guidance in the development and implementation of equitable administration policies and procedures.

Encouraging growth and opportunity whilst fostering good, open communication, for all employees.

Ensure progressive human resource management by establishing effective recruitment and retention strategies focussing on:

 -flexible remuneration packages in accordance to PSO and proper schemes of service

 -attractive career structure

 -a healthy and safe work environment.

Fostering a positive work environment whilst ensuring staff excellence through appropriate training and development.

The Human Resource and Corporate Service Department aim to implement all its plans to ensure a better service to all the other department, and maintain SPA’s objective throughout.

The Business Development Department

The primary function of the Business Development Division is to ensure that all assets of SPA work to the optimum and contribute their fair share to the total revenue of the Authority and ensure that all tenants are managed efficiently and contribute rental revenue to the full extent. Another function of Business Development Department is to ensure that new business and commercial opportunities are constantly identified and developed in order to ensure a sustainable stream of inflows into the Authority.

The department is also working in close partnership with the Finance Department to ensure that costs and expenses are contained in order that together with an increased revenue base, the net revenue of the Authority are kept to its maximum potential.

The Business Development Department is also responsible for the analysis and review of all legal documents of SPA such as the “Lease Agreements” issued to Tenants, “Harbour Dues Regulations” as well as the “Seychelles Ports Authority Act” and any other documents with a legal framework. This responsibility requires a high level of diligence and collaboration with Legalexperts for which their services are currently being outsourced.

Another dimension of the business development department is its responsibility for the collection, Analysis and Interpretation of the Statistical Report on the entire spectrum of activities undertaken by the Seychelles Ports Authority. These statistical information are presented in the form of an Annual Bulletin and forms the basis of most decision-making in Port Related Investment decisions.

Other institutions, both local and international also relies on the SPA Statistical Bulletin to make their decisions and gain an overview of the performance of the Seychelles Ports Authority.

To summarise, the mission of the Business Development Division is to assure the financial sustainability of the organization.

Project and Infrastructure Department

• Maintain all port premises and infrastructures (Mahe , Praslin & La Digue)

• Manage, coordinate and facilitate multiple reengineering and process improvement initiative related to the development  and enhancement of the Port Victoria and the inter island jetties (Master Development Plan)

• Provide strategic, expert advice and consultation on the design and implementation of new Port or Jetty infrastructure development (including process analysis, redesign and organizational effectiveness)

• Develops integrated projects plans, implementation schedules and cost estimates for major long term projects, prepare and manage budget

• Communicates regularly with executive management and administration regarding status of current project initiatives and obtain executive guidance.