Chief Executive Officer of SPA assumes office as PMAESA Acting Secretary General

The Port Management Association of Eastern and Southern Africa (PMAESA) Board of Directors through a Special Board Meeting held in Johannesburg on 14th May 2018 appointed Col. Andre Ciseau of Seychelles as acting Secretary General.

His appointment follows the resignation of Ms. Nozipho Mdawe of South Africa on 16th April 2018.


Members are represented in relevant organizations involved in shaping the global policy patterns and enacting new requirements in maritime transport and trade.PMAESA is a non- profit, inter- governmental organization made up of port operators, government line ministries, logistics and maritime service providers and other port and shipping stakeholders from the eastern, western and southern African and Indian Ocean regions.

During a briefing session with the Secretariat Staff on his first day in office on Monday 4th June 2018 at the PMAESA Head Office in Mombasa, Kenya, Col. Ciseau said that he was honored to serve the Association in this capacity. (Photo: PMAESA)

He said, “I have been given the opportunity to work for PMAESA by the Board on an interim basis. However, I am confident that during this tenure I will ensure that I maximize on the opportunities available and aggressively pursue new avenues to propel this organization forward and achieve new heights, in particular the aspect of value addition to members.”

Speaking on the need to make relevant the activities of the Association to members and related stakeholders, Col. Ciseau said, “It is vital to ensure that key action points derived from PMAESA fora are taken to the highest level so as to achieve maximum buy in from the membership and from strategic partners.”

He further acknowledged that the challenges the Secretariat faces are huge but not insurmountable.

He will also be taking on the role of Executive Secretary of the Pan African Association for Port Cooperation (PAPC).

At SPA, Col. Ciseau has been laying great emphasis on the modernization and continued growth of activities in Port Victoria in the context of the Blue Economy of Seychelles. His role at the SPA has been instrumental in helping to secure a grant and favorable loan conditions from the country’s European Development Partners for the expansion and upgrade of the commercial port.

The acting Secretary General has taken temporary leave as Chief Executive Officer of the Seychelles Ports Authority (SPA). However, he remains as a Board Member of the SPA.

Col. Ciseau has previously held a seat on the PMAESA Board as 2nd Vice Chairman.

He is also a member of the Seychelles People’s Defence Force (SPDF) with a strategic role in the Seychelles Coast Guard.