To continuously strive towards the optimal achievements of the Blue Economy objectives as laid down by the Government together with other public and private partners and stakeholders;

To maintain a work force of high standard at the centre of our development;

To promote meaningful consultations and dialogue with all our partners and stakeholders in order to achieve mutually beneficial relationships for the good of the industry and our country;

To respond effectively to development and innovations in port and shipping technologies with the aim of providing modern and cost effective facilities and services at both our domestic and international terminals; 

To exceed expectations in all aspects of our operations in order to ensure that Port Victoria remains the preferred Port of Call in the region for all categories of vessels;

To continuously upgrade our port security methods and strategies;

To support other industries such as fisheries to remain competitive and strong;

To remain vigilant to the evolving regional and international port industry trends;

To gradually integrate Green Port Strategies in our development plans;

To participate in and support regional and international port- related institutions with a view to developing mutually beneficial relationships, strong collaboration and co-operation.