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Mahe Quay

Mahe Quay is the commercial port of Port Victoria with a berthing space of 370 meters. Handling (loading and unloading) of all containerized cargo is the main throughput. Over and above, Mahe Quay also handles dry and breakbulk cargo, fishing, military, tankers (cement, oil and gas), supply, mega and superyachts, cruise ships.

SPA signed a financial contract (loan) with the European Investment Bank (EIB) and Agence Française de Développement (AFD) for a sum of Euros 29 Million in relation to the Port Victoria Expansion and Rehabilitation Project (PVERP). In addition, the EU has also supported this project with a grant of Euros 5 Million in aiding the project key deliverables.

This terminal is International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS) compliant. Stay updated to this page for updates on the Port Victoria Expansion and Rehabilitation Project! from the cargo in order to improve the efficiency, safety and security at the terminal.

Berth Length: 370 Meters

Overhang Length: North – 75 Meters; South – 95 Meters

Bollard Capacity: 50 tons

Bunker Points: 5

Water Points: 4

Maximum Draft: North – 9.5 Meters; South- 11.5 Meters
Vessel’s Length: 210 Meters

Deeps: 5

The positions for Bunker, Fresh Water and Telephone Points on Mahe Quay are:

  • Between Bollards 2-3: Gas Oil and Fuel Oil (also G.O, F.O & Cement Discharge Lines)
  • 3-4 Fresh Water and Telephone
  • 5-6 Fresh Water
  • 6-7 Fuel Oil (4” Pipe)
  • 7-8 Gas Oil (4” Pipe)
  • 8-9 Telephone
  • 9-10 Fresh Water
  • 11-12 Gas Oil (4” Pipe) and Telephone
  • 18-19 Gas Oile, Fuel Oil, Fresh Water, Telephone
  • 18-19 Discharge Lines for Mogas, Jet A1, Fuel Oil, Gas Oil, Kerosine and LPG

Tug Lay By:

Berth Length: 93.50 Meters

Overhang Length:

Bollard Capacity: 10 tons

Bunker Points: NIL

Water Points: NIL

Maximum Draft: 2.5 Meters

Vessel’s Length: 55.00 Meters

Deeps: +